Pregnancy Yoga is offered every Saturday 10-11:30 am.
Please confirm your attendance by Friday night.

Class rate is P500 for this type of class. Pay as you come. :)

First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy!

Before you think of joining a yoga class while you are pregnant, please ask your doctor first. Even if you have been practicing yoga or this is your 10th pregnancy and 10th time to participate in pregnancy yoga, please ask your doctor first. Every pregnancy is different and we just want to make sure it is safe for you and your baby before we embark on this journey.

I usually ask women who are 0-15 weeks pregnant to take it easy. This is the time to just concentrate all of your energy into letting the life grow inside you. You may join us once your strength comes back at around the 16th week. If you have been participating in Pregnancy Yoga while you weren’t pregnant, I will still ask you to take a break during these first weeks and just practice some of the poses on your own at your own pace.

You’ll need to confirm your slot in the class by either emailing me at (karen @ ekagratasala . com) or texting me at (+63917) 8436111. If you don’t know the address of my studio, I will give you directions once you confirm.

Wear comfortable-stretchy-breathable clothes. Something that won’t go over your head when you bend over. Many women like to wear baggy clothes, but I would advise you from doing so. Clothing that is too loose makes it difficult for me to see your alignment and will distract you in some of the poses. Shorts, leggings, or yoga pants are great but be aware if you are sensitive to heat. Personally, I needed to practice in shorts during my pregnancy because it was always “too hot”. We practice barefoot unless you have a skid-less yoga socks. ;)

Come early or (at the very least) on time to prevent any interruptions. The minutes before the class is the best time to talk about any questions or concerns that you may have or I need to know. You will also be filling up a student form before you join the class, especially if it’s your first time to join in this particular pregnancy. You will need to fill up the form before joining even if the class has started.

There are mats available in the sālā, however we would appreciate it if you bring your own so that first-timers without personal mats can use the sālā mats. We will also be practicing flow/movements off the mat, so be open to moving around the sālā. :)

Do you have to fast before class? Goodness NO! :) Just try not to be “too full” before going to class so that you can enjoy all the movement. Pregnant women shouldn’t starve themselves. In fact, feel free to bring a small snack in your bag so that you can eat something in case you get hungry right after class. :)

There is drinking water provided. If you are sensitive to what you intake, please bring your own water to class in case you get thirsty.

Props: If you have a sarong / big scarf, please bring it with you. It isn’t essential in class, but it can make it more comfortable for you. You may also bring your own meditation pillow or a small pillow to lay your head on. If you are borrowing a sālā mat, bring a towel to put on top of the mat for hygienic purposes. A small towel may be needed to wipe off sweat.

Most of all, come with an open mind. Pregnancy Yoga varies depending on the demographics of the class. If you’re the only one in late pregnancy, your poses will be different from the other women. If there are partners in class, the class flow will also be different.

Don’t worry if this is your first time to yoga! It’s great! Welcome to the world of yoga and pregnancy. :) We won’t be doing anything crazy and everyone is encouraged to go only as far as they are comfortable.

If you have been practicing Yoga, just remember that your pregnant body is very different from your non-pregnant body. Be gentle and discover this whole other dimension of you. :)

You can still join the class even if you aren’t pregnant. It can help you understand what happens during pregnancy and prepare you for your own in the future.

Please inform me if you want to bring a partner/support person (family or friend). There will be certain classes when partners are encouraged to come. These classes allow you and your partner to understand what you are going through and be on the same team. Please limit your family or friend to a person you trust and someone you can count on to be there for you throughout your pregnancy. Partners will have a different rate. Please contact me once you are sure you are bringing someone. :)

If you have any further questions, feel free to email me or text me.



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