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Ekāgratā Śālā offers you a comfortable space to practice and focus on your yoga.

Interested in Taking a Class?

Since I run a “home sālā”, there are a few things that I do differently from a commercial studio.

You’ll need to confirm your slot in the class by either emailing me at (karen @ ekagratasala . com) or texting me at (0917).843.6111. If you don’t know the address of my studio, I will give you directions.

Please try to come early so that we can talk about any questions or concerns that you may have or I need to know (like “time of the month”, health issues, needing to leave early.)

I hope to hear from you.


- Karen
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Class Schedule

New November 2014 Schedule!

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

  • 8:30 – 9:30 am Yin Yoga


  • Pregnancy Yoga. Time varies. Please text to confirm time.

Please text or email to confirm.

Classes may be cancelled if no one has confirmed attendance a day before the class.

Special classes are held on a per request basis.

What it means…

Ekāgratā in Sanskrit means one-pointedness or concentration and Śālā (shala) means space or a place to learn in. In Filipino, Sala also means living room.

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