I stumbled into this great article at FitSugar.com which is great for those who are starting their yoga experience.  The article is about 11 things that your yoga instructor wants you to know. :) es_101225_09

  1. They’re not checking you out to see how flexible you are (or aren’t).
  2. They don’t like when you push yourself too hard.
  3. They wish you’d ask questions or for assistance.
  4. They don’t care if you pass gas.
  5. They aren’t grossed out by your sweat.
  6. They want you to speak up if an assist hurts or makes you uncomfortable.
  7. They wish you didn’t come to class to “sweat out your sick”.
  8. They love when you bring your own yoga mat to class.
  9. They want you to practice at least twice a week.
  10. They don’t mind if you take class from another instructor.
  11. They like when you get to class a little early, and prefer you stay until class is over.

You may read the full article HERE.

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